BeyondResearch is an information services company that uses advanced visual classification technology to provide information, intelligence and insight for business critical decisions.

Three things that can immediately increase the efficiency of your research projects:


Consolidate incoming document collections to create a comprehensive and dynamic repository of information.

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Leverage visual classification technology to translate information into intelligence to shape optimal business and legal outcomes.

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Detect and evaluate available intelligence to provide optimal context and impact for critical business and legal decisions.

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BeyondResearch’s visual classification-enabled information service provides researchers with a complete and secure repository and document viewing system for use with privately provided or publicly available information collections.

Delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, the research service includes use of the hosted research platform (visual classification and viewing platform), document collection hosting (storage), and dedicated support (ranging from document ingestion to collection management) from proven domain experts and project managers. It is available for an incredibly affordable monthly volume-based subscription fee that does not require individual user fees for system usage.

Five distinct differentiators of the BeyondResearch platform:


Audit incoming collections to verify that all documents are searchable and that smaller documents are not effectively hidden within longer documents.


Cluster visually similar documents to know the types and numbers of documents in a collection, and designate document-type labels and extract different document attributes to permit field-limited searching or spreadsheet-type analysis of those attributes.


As a result of reviewing document clusters, designating document-type labels, and extracting attributes, gain an understanding of all available information. Powerful searching technology with its absolute and relative page coordinate search operators provides precision searching previously unavailable with other technologies.


Collections from companies in the same industries tend to have common document types and common document attributes. The intellectual capital expended identifying document types and designating document attributes to extract can be carried forward to other collections so that on the second and subsequent collection researchers are not starting from scratch.


Simplified access and usage pricing model that does not require individual user fees for system usage. BeyondResearch provides all of the technology, from content audits to document maintenance, supported by proven domain experts and project managers.

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